Friday, March 28, 2014

The Volt is home!!!!

I picked up the Volt today, March 28, 2014. The day before my birthday!!! I had another issue with the dealer (they did not charge the Volt, or fill the gas tank). They filled the tank and I squeezed about 1.5 hours of charging while I was there. I only drove the car a few km to some colleagues and to store it at my parent's house (while I leave for vacation). But I never drove a car so solid, so smooth and so quiet! It just feels this is the way a car is supposed to feel.The regenerative braking (when on "D") is completely invisible. You can coast forever. The regenerative braking in "L" is certainly more aggressive, but less than your typical engine braking when downshifting in a manual transmission. I'm sure it's works well in traffic. I did not play with the heating much, but putting it on "Comfort", 23 degrees and Auto means full cabin heat in virtually no time at all. The heated seats warm up very quickly as well. I like the driver information center, and the icon that displays instantaneous kW usage. You can see home much more the HVAC takes when you blast the fan, heat and defrost. The low rolling resistance tires are the only thing you hear when driving. Only on acceleration do you here an extremely subtle whine, almost like a turbo charger whine, but we are talking barely audible. When you come to a complete stop and it is completely silent, and I mean COMPLETELY silent (when HVAC is off), it just feels so serene. Honestly it feels freakin' weird, but in a super cool, "this is amazing" kind of way. I will write more, but for now here is cellphone picture. I totally understand the love and passion of Volt owners.

By the way, the Corvettes in the background are not driven in the snow, we just moved them out of the way to get the Volt in my parent's garage (the vettes will stay under a car port cover)! They are both 1971's that my brother, father and I restored. We love Chevy...does it show? Honestly, I am a car fan, not just a Chevy fan. But Chevy does make cool cars!

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