Monday, March 24, 2014

Picking up the Volt tomorrow (Tuesday March, 25)!

I went to the Chevy dealer to finalize price details, new promotions and to see the car! It has 473km on it, and it is 100% perfectly brand new. I looked it over inside and out. Smells new! The polished wheels are thankfully not as shiny as I thought they would be. In terms of promotion/deals, they were thrown at me left and right! Here's the list:

  • Conquest rebate of $750 for having a Mazda but buying a Chevy
  • The 40cent/800litre gas card actually became a $250 cash downpayment instead. I prefer this instead of the card since I will never put 800 litres in the Volt in 1 year. 
  • Free oil changes for 2 years but really only 1 change for the Volt
  • $8000 government instant rebate
  • Schneider Electric GM Supplier discount (dealer cost +1%). Thanks =SE= !!! 
  • Finance interest rate for the Volt is 2.99%. Much better than the original 4.99% but not the 0% for select GM cars. I won't complain! This car ended up being $15 per biweekly payment cheaper than the one I ordered in December. That translates to $1560 of savings in 4 years!
  • The warranty will extend to 60480km.
This does not include the $1000 government rebate for buying/installing a home charging station. I will have it installed next month at my parents' house for sure. The dealer offered extended warranties and I was tempted but they are more expensive than in the U.S. and must start right away.
I usually feel a little exhaust from the day's work by now but not tonight! It will be a looong night. I will take pics of the car tomorrow (should be home by 7:30pm).

I also want to thank Hamel Chevrolet and my representative for an excellent, no-pressure, no-hassle experience! I think the positive experience was mutual since I knew exactly what I wanted, and therefore was one of the easier clients to deal with. I walked in, met with the representative, ordered what I wanted and left. Expect some pictures tomorrow! Can't wait!!!

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