Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quebec "Drive Electric" Program subvention cut in half!

I logged on to the Quebec government EV site to send them another email asking if I need to install a 240V charger to get the $800 rebate. I am renting and therefore do not want to install the charger on property that is not my own! I plan to buy a L2 charger and install it when I eventually buy a home. As an employee of one of the L2 suppliers I can get a pretty sweet discount. I checked out the Quebec EV rebate for 2014 and it has been cut in half! The maximum is now $4000 with the Volt getting a $3961 cash incentive. Without getting into socialism issues, this is a significant drop and I believe it will negatively impact EV sales in the short term. Let's hope battery technology continues to improve so that the vehicle prices can drop.  

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