Monday, January 13, 2014

Loan interest rate only decided when Volt arrives...

When I put a deposit on the Volt in the December the loan interest rate was at 4.99%, which is quite high for a new car. However the actual rate will be decided when the Volt arrives (but cannot be more than 4.99%). There is a promotion now at 2.99% and I initally understood that I would get the lowest rate between the deposit and the car but alas it is not the case. However this 2.99% is expected to last a while. I hope it drops to 0% but let's not be too picky :). I picked up the steel wheels and TPMS sensors from the dealer and the Michelin Xi3 are arriving tomorrow! Can't wait to get them assembled! I just need to pick up a GFCI adapter, a cable lock and regular U-lock to protect the charger if it needs to stay outdoors.

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