Monday, January 20, 2014

Eligible for the $8000 Quebec Drive Electric Program!

I spoke with my Volt sales rep and he confirmed that I will be eligible for the full $8000 government rebate! Sweet! The reason for this is the rebate uses the date that the car is registered in Quebec. My Volt isn't even built yet so by the time it arrives here it will be some time in February. Either way, the previous rebate was $7865 which is still amazing but the difference almost covers the TPMS sensors I bought for the winter tires. Now if only the government would respond to my emails regarding the charging station and my current housing situation (I am renting so I will either just buy the charger now and install it when I move or install it at my parent's house)...

On a side note, I have to mention that Hamel Chevrolet in Montreal (St. Leonard) has been outstanding with their service. I will ask my sale's rep if he is ok with me mentioning his name on this blog. He is as knowledgeable as you can get and always immediately accessible via email, even on the weekends although I try to avoid bothering him with "Where's my Volt?" questions hehe. Buying a car is not like it used to be!

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