Friday, June 27, 2014

Lots of updates since last entry!

Apologies for the lack of posts. Lots has happened since the first engine maintenance mode! I had a few rattles checked by the dealer and here is what they came back with:

  • There is a technical service bulletin to adjust the shocks and struts. I felt the suspension would bounce twice per axle when hitting bumps before I brought the car in. They confirmed that it wasn't normal, and after they followed the TSB, the Volt handles all types of bumps perfectly now. With the horrible roads here in Montreal, the suspension issue was driving me crazy!
  • A (supposed) common problem with Volts is a rattling glove box when there are items in it. I had the owner's manual filling up the glove box and it would rattle at the top left corner. The dealer replaced some of the components and it seemed to fix the issue for about 1.5 weeks. Now it is rattling again when things are in it. I emptied the glove box out for now and it eliminated the rattling. I will have the dealer check it out when I swap to winter tires.
  • The hatchback door seemed to rattle but it was difficult to point out. The dealer looked into it and adjusted the rubber stoppers. No more rattling from the rear!

I am disappointed that a 2014 car has had 2 trips to the dealer already in less than 1000km but Hamel has provided excellent service so far. Everything is perfect now so I am happy!

The Volt had a second engine maintenance mode run and this time I let it run while parked. Total gas burned: 0.13 litres!!! Much better than the 0.72l burned when EMM ran while driving!

So after driving a total of 1022km I have used 0.85 litres of gas! I never used gas for driving so far, on for EMM.

The Volt is also getting used to my driving habits and commute. It now estimates 92km on a charge! I know. I can drive close to 92km with this weather (24 degrees C, stop and go traffic, no a/c needed). My work commute makes it extremely easy to hit over 80km on a single charge because I am usually in slow moving traffic for only a short distance, with the rest being city driving. I am in the perfect demographic for the Volt's capabilities and I can easily say that the Volt is amazing at what it does. I love this car more and more every second that I drive it. With gas hitting $1.53 per litre, I will easily save over $150 compared to me Mazda3.

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