Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Volt will be assembled on the week of February 24

I just got word from my sales rep that my Volt will be back on the assembly line and completed the week of February 24. This means it will likely be shipped near the third week of March. Wow, this is taking a lot longer than I expected. I don't mind avoiding most of this crazy winter. I might even get away with not needing winter tires after March 15! I should have waited to buy them but I never thought the Volt would need 3 more months of assembly, especially since it was already on the assembly line.

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  1. Canadian Volts are sold at very small volume numbers. Those very low allocation numbers are limited at the GM Canada level. The same is true for many cars from other manufacturers, as for example the Toyota RAV 4 EV, which is a 180km of electric range SUV, it's built and assembled in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, but... you can't buy it unless you are a Californian! Why? Because California and many states did vote some Zero Emission laws that mandates car manufacturers to supply a minimum percentage of Zero Emission (i.e. EVs) Vehicles.
    To counteract this, a petition is ongoing to pass a Zero Emission law in Quebec. You can support this petition by signing it, and passing along to your family and friends. You might be able to purchase a Volt right at the dealer, if such a law is adopted. The link is at: https://www.assnat.qc.ca/en/exprimez-votre-opinion/petition/Petition-4589/index.html